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UAV-based measurement system for greenhouse gas emission from environmental infrastructure
2019-01-09 22:01:01

Environmental infrastructures (e.g. landfill) are appreciably responsible for the global anthropogenic methan emission. Despite efforts to collect the gas, leakages through surface are inevitable, and its accurate estimation is crucial on the decision-making in greenhouse gas mitigation. Methods commonly used so far to estimate methane emissions from such facillities have entailed many factors to lead to inefficiency and high uncertainties. Sampling and analysis of gas at fixed point is labor-intensive and incur lots of operation cost. In this sense, a couple of novel platforms have been recently introduced. Among several tools, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have and advantage that they are less limited in terms of accessibility and economically sound. In this study, both UAV-based measurement on landfill sites and analysis and simulation of equipped data with 3-dimensional advection-dispersion model are tried.