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Assessment of effects and behaviors of antibiotics in anaerobic digestion system
2019-01-09 22:17:34

Two-thirds of annually manufactured antibiotics (by wt.) worldwide are consumed as veterinary antibiotics (VAs), which are used for growth promotion and medical purposes in livestock industries. With the increase of anaerobic digestion (AD) plant treating livestock manure, utilization of the AD effluent as fertilizer is causing growing concerns with the environmental exposure of VAs thorough AD. Moreover, inhibition of VAs on AD process could intensify mass loading of VAs on environmental systems by reducing its anaerobic degradation, for AD is a series of biological processes where microorganisms utilize organic matters. So far, the effects and behaviors of antibiotics in AD system remains unclear. In this study, long-term effects of antibiotics on the stability of AD system and their behavior will be elucidated through the laboratory-scale continuous flow type bioreactor.